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It's time Propane Cannons
were Banned in British Columbia

The Ban the Cannons group is dedicated to stopping extreme noise abuse from blueberry farms in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. These farms use   ((( EXCEPTIONALLY LOUD )))   bird scare devices called propane cannons in an attempt to keep birds away from their berry crops.

A  Triple Shot Blueberry Cannon The noise from propane cannons profoundly affects our lives, our well being, and our enjoyment of property. The use of propane cannons should be stopped in more populated areas of the Fraser Valley.

Quality of life and real estate values are a major concern for residents living near blueberry fields. If you are thinking of buying real estate in the Fraser Valley, check out our map below or send us an e-mail to confirm that your chosen location is not affected by blueberry cannon blasts.

If you are a victim of propane cannon noise, please explore our website further. Learn more about the impact of the noise on your hearing and your health. Then if you decide you want a little peace and quiet in your life, if you are concerned about your health and well being, or if you just feel imposed upon by a noisy disrespectful neighbour, please send us an e-mail at:       bancannons@hotmail.com

Propane Cannons have been in the news a lot lately as recorded in the following video's.

(Click on the images below to watch each video. A short commercial precedes the CBC News videos.)

From The CBC News with Tony Parsons

In this video Tony Parsons describes the blueberry cannon situation in Delta, in July 2013 … [more]

Tony Parsons on CVC TV CBC News with Tony Parsons

A News report from the Global TV Newsroom, in Delta BC, July 2013

This video was taken in Delta highlighting neighbours opposition to blueberry cannons … [more]

Blueberry Cannon in Delta Newlands Protest

A News report from the Global TV Newsroom, in Langley BC, March 2013

This video was taken at our protest in front of Newlands Golf Club … [more]

Newlands Protest Newlands Protest

Mike Makara, BC Blueberry Council Chairman and Spokesperson

Rural Langley Residents, this is what Makara and the Blueberry Council think about you! March, 2013 … [more]

Mike Makara Mike Makara

From The CBC News with Tony Parsons

Listen to Tony describe the propane cannon situation in Langley Township, January 2013 … [more]

Tony Parsons on CVC TV CBC News with Tony Parsons

More from The CBC News with Tony Parsons

In this video Tony describes a propane cannon situation in Vernon BC, May 2012 … [more]

Mike Makara, a real farmer! CBC News with Tony Parsons

Got a Propane Cannon Problem
in the Fraser Valley?
Call Nazam at 778-549-0712

Propane Cannon Facts

  • Propane Cannon blasts exceed 125 decibels   (some as loud as 146db)

  • Each cannon fires over 350 blasts per day

  • Blueberry farms often use several cannons

  • The noise starts in June and continues until October

  • More Details about Cannons

    I Can't Sleep!

Some of Our Favourite
Letters in 2013

In 2012 we started compiling a list of all the blueberry farms in the Fraser Valley that are using propane cannons. Each farm is highlighted on the Google Map below with a blue marker. If there is a blueberry farm near you using cannons, please send the farm's location to us at our Hotmail e-mail address and we will add it to the map.

To see a larger version of the map, click on the following: Blueberry Cannon Locations in Google Maps

Current News
About Cannon Noise

The Rules in BC.
AKA. The Guidelines

August 1st, 2014, Government: Wake up, and hear the cannons!
by Andrew Holota, of the Abbotsford News .........click here for details

* Cannons can fire three blasts every 5 minutes

* Cannons are allowed to start at 6:30 AM every day

July 27th 2014,   CANNON CONFLICT.  The Abbotsford News is running
a series of articles describing the "conflict" between rural residents
and blueberry growers who use cannons.......details:

* Cannons can fire continuously until 8:00 PM

* There is a "quiet period" between noon and 3:00 PM

July 7th 2014, Abbotsford Council again rejected the BC Ministry of Agriculture's inadequate propane cannon guidelines.
Downloading these guidelines does nothing to address the NOISE!.....details:

* Cannons can be as close as 200 meters from your home

* Farmers can use many cannons, one for every five acres of berries

June 20th 2014, from KOIN 6, Portland's CBS News affiliate
Propane Cannon blasts lead to violence in Oregon.
How long before this happens in the Fraser valley? Wake up blueberry growers!!

* For a complete list of all the propane cannon rules
    please visit our Guidelines Web Page

April 8th 2014, from the Delta Optimist
Delta Council approves a blueberry cannon bylaw!   But like Langley
Township's, this bylaw does nothing to address the (((NOISE))).

Click here for............Past News

Ban the Cannons is a non-profit group of people who are absolutely dedicated to regaining one of our basic human rights,
the right to peace and quiet on our own property. For more information about the group,

please send us an e-mail at: bancannons@hotmail.com   and

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